Portfolio sites review

Lisa Gringl1: LISA GRINGL

This portfolio site is not the best I’ve ever seen, but there are still somethings about it that I highly enjoy. The illustration at the top of the page is simple, but the fact that it moves makes it more engaging than a static image; the large thumbnails let me see the work before clicking, and the hover tells me exactly what I’m looking at; the layout itself is nice, simple and clean; and of course, the bright, bright colours. I can’t help but love a site that uses really bold colours. It’s definitely fun for your eyes.

David Bastian2: DAVID BASTIAN

Quite the opposite to the previous, this portfolio site is extremely minimal. You enter, and you get a long page of work with extremely large thumbnails. Clicking each thumbnail takes you to a page with a larger image(s) and details about the work–at least, I’m assuming as I can’t read it. But I’m sure I’d be impressed if I could.



One thought on “Portfolio sites review

  1. Thanks, this is a well written post. The first image links nicely in a new window. The 2nd image needs the link edited to also open in a new window. 🙂

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