Museum/public art blog comparisons

Grimsby Public Art GalleryThe Grimsby Public Art Gallery‘s blog isn’t a particularly pleasant blog to look at. The colour in the blog does seem to reflect the logo (?), so there’s that. The accessibility of information and navigation is fairly straight forward, so in this case I’d say it was definitely function over form. Not necessarily a bad thing, but seeing as how it’s a blog related to a public art gallery, the blog should perhaps have some sort of artistic flair. Or maybe they just need a new brand.
Nasher Museum of ArtUnlike the GPAG’s blog, the one for the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke Universitya reflects that it’s a blog for an art museum: it’s sleek, well organized, and cuts the clutter by only having the newest blog post up for viewing. The older ones are tucked neatly beneath, using thumbnails to link. On top of being visually appealing, it’s easy to navigate and attain the information that you’re looking for. Overall it’s just a very nice site. It possibly helps that they use a lime green as an accent colour which I do have a large soft spot for.



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