Reflecting on three years


The past three years at RRC have definitely been a whirlwind of work, fun, and insanity. When I first submitted my application for first year, I worried about whether or not I’d made the right choice; when I got the portfolio requirements I moved on to worrying about getting them done on time; and when I sent them in, I worried about if what I sent in was good enough. I’m surprised I didn’t wind up insane and drooling on the pavement.

Despite the initial fear, the Graphic Design Program has been remarkable. I’ve met some great people, learned so many things, and just had an amazing experience overall–which I never expected. Not that there haven’t been moments when I wanted to pack it all in, rip out my hair and live as a hermit under a rock, but the feeling from a job well done at the end of it has made it all worthwhile.

Good and bad days together, it’s a program I’d recommend–and as shown by the picture above, it helps one endure the harder days when you know you can decorate for the holidays.




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